ISOMIX - F ready-to-mount control unit+

Ready-to-mount, compact control unit to control supply temperature in radiant panel heating systems up to 14 kW heat demand. Supply temperature setting range: 20–70 °C, temperature limiting and locking facility on thermostatic head. Pre-wired pump and temperature limiter. Can be mounted on the right or left side of the manifold. Suitable for all Watts 1" M heating circuit manifolds. Nickel plated.

Insulation box is available as an accessory.

Technical Features
  • max. operating pressure 10 bar
  • max. ambient temperature 40 °C
  • max. operating temperature 80 °C
  • Media Water/water-glycol mixtures according to VDI 2035/ÖNORM 5195
  • Connections to the pipe network 1 "AG primary (heat generator), 1 "Fl. secondary (heat distribution)
  • Kvs-value 3.2 m³/h
  • Differential pressure max. 500 mbar
Part no.
Part no. WIDE
Wilo Para SCU/6
ISOMIX-F Grundfos UPM3A7 10084635 
ISOMIX-F  Lowara Eco2/6
ISOMIX-F  CalioSI/7 10086195 
ISOMIX-F  without pump
Insulation Box Insulation Isomix-F(HC)
 ISOMIX-F 1) Wilo Yonos Para 15/6   10070291

1) The product is discontinued